Moved Yet again From Tumblr
Gosh I am so insane about this but I am yet again on the move. This time I've transitioned to my final resting place at My site is Of Stranger Sensibilities. Hopefully it won't uh, weird you guys too much.



Oh Wow!
I guess I lied pretty badly. I didn't follow up on this at all.
Anyways I don't know if a lot of people at livejournal are moving, but I can be found in the future here: I'm so sorry for procrastinating and lying but 'tis time to move on. I will honestly abandon Livejournal for good, however the only reason I am still maintaining an account at all, is because of runwaym and fakingfashion.

Much love and kisses,

P.S. Hope everyone had a great Black Friday! I didn't get to buy anything -sigh-.

Hello there.
Long time since I've ever been back here.
I can't believe I'm a junior now and on my road to graduating high school in two years :)
I do miss being here on lj and I plan to start from scratch again soon.
Future graphic posts would probably mainly focused on Asian celebrities as well as high fashion models :D

I'll be going through my frds list and giving them the 411*
Will be posting in my thanksgiving break; 愛死你們!



Currently adding/not adding.

I'm going to start posting icons on this journal on public entries starting now, so come back once in a while to see icons~

Add me first && please tell me your name and age thank you!
Please no people 25+, I'm only 14!

NOTE; This is the only way I would add you. If you added me w/o me adding you maybe you should try to drop a comment or two here.

NEW*** You must be interested and state in the cmnt that you are interested in graphic making somewhat. You must cmnt me too from time to time, (or else what's the point?!)

If you want me to join your community (as a maker) then leave your community name and info (like icons for pop-culture or smth) in your email. My email address is available on my profile, PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ME thank you. Examples are available on my community.


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